Website Hosting Packages

  • Basic Hosting

    From £79/year (or £7.49/month)

    This package is perfect for individuals or small start-up businesses looking to create their online presence.


  • Pro Hosting

    From £149/year(or £14.49/month)

    This package is perfect for small or growing businesses looking to develop their online presence.


  • Best Value

    Premium Hosting

    From £249/year(or £22.99/month)

    Our Premium Hosting is perfect for larger scale websites & applications with high monthly traffic.


  • Ultimate Hosting

    From £499/year(or £44.99/month)

    The Ultimate Hosting package is suitable for the biggest websites & applications, and for those who settle only for the best.


* Restricted to, .com, .uk, .net, .biz, .info, .org, & .me.

All Our Hosting Packages Include...

  • SSL Security

    We provide 256-bit DigiCert SSL encryption as standard on all of our websites.

  • Super Fast Speeds

    We store everything on the fastest SSDs with unlimited bandwidth for super fast loading.

  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic

    Get your website out there more with no limit on how many visitors your website can have.

  • Free Technical Support

    Our dedicated technical team are always happy to help with any queries or questions.

  • Regular Website Backups

    Have the peace of mind that should something go wrong, we can restore your website to a previous state.

  • Search Engine Indexing

    All of our websites can be seen and searched for on the internet's biggest and most popular search engines.