11th May 2020 - By Holly Teasdale

So, let's say, for example, that your website offers users the ability to buy products directly from your website. Is that a good strategy? Well, yes and no. Without any doubt, online shopping makes everything easier for us all. But, not if your website is sluggish. 79 per cent of online shoppers say they don't go back to a website if they've had trouble loading up. When clicking through multiple pages during the exploration of your website, customers will find it difficult to interact with your website if it’s slow, ultimately creating a bad impression for your business. 


Do you want customers to think your business is slow-moving because of a slow website? Of course not! But, how does having a fast website make a difference in comparison to a slow website? Let’s take a look in terms of SEO:


Search Engine Rank.

Part of the ranking criteria for Google is how long the website takes to load. This means, in a nutshell, that if your website is sluggish, it will be ranked lower than faster websites. To be rated higher by Google, the website must be at a high level for its speed. 


Bounce rate.

Did you know that if your website takes too long to load for potential customers, they are more likely to move away from your website? This means that when a large number of visitors 'bounce' on your website (click on and off of your website quickly), there would be a negative effect on your organic ranking - which is another Google ranking factor.

We haven’t made clear, yet, what we use to ensure you have a fast, smooth-running website - so, here’s what we use and why; 


The Fastest Website Provider In The UK. 

We use a UK-based company that makes use of two data centres to host and provide your website, this allows us to create the fastest and most secure websites in the UK.


High-Speed SSDs.

The SSDs provide the quickest speed for loading the information stored on it. According to tests run by Pingdom, the average speed of loading our websites is less than 1 second. This is used to store your website and info.


Content Delivery Network.

Our servers also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache the contents of websites all around the world. Through utilising caching we reduce hosting bandwidth and speed between fetching and receiving the website and its contents.


Technical Audit. 

4 steps for a technical audit is followed across all of our websites to ensure they meet certain standards and perform the best they can. 

  1. Remove redundant files, links, assets (Removing anything that could take up space that isn’t being used, the less you have, the quicker it loads).

  2. GZIP Compression to make files even smaller than regular compression (for example images) for faster network transfer.

  3. A website health check is run to make sure your website doesn’t contain errors which could harm load times and performance of the website.

  4. Limit external requests (this means assets on your website which rely on a third party such as google fonts - keeping these to a minimum is key).


No Restriction On Bandwidth/Traffic. 

The servers we use are fully scalable which means they will keep growing as much as they need. Whether you have 10,000 users who access your website or if you have 1, you will not see a performance difference on your website.

Often, a slow website is linked to a lack of credibility. Customers slowly stop referring to your service because of a poor experience. But what else does a slow website link to? According to an article from 2016, "A 1-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions." This means that slow websites result in less business - and no one wants that!


Website performance is for user experience. But, every consumer of your website is likely to view your website differently depending on, for example, which pages they click on and which platform they access your website on (such as; through a laptop or smartphone). So, why is it so important for your website to be fast? Simply, you want all of your website visitors to leave with a similar experience and that is to have a positive view of your website and therefore your business.


Do you want to ensure that your business is successful in terms of its website presentation and speed, to engage with your target audience? If the answer is yes, please feel free to contact our team based on how we ensure that our websites will be created perfectly for you.